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Dr. Katie Rippley and Dr. Kim Anh Nguyen
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Welcome to EyeCare of Denton

Eyes are important indicators of overall health, and comprehensive eye care goes beyond a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. At EyeCare of Denton we want to provide a unique eye care experience when you visit our office.  A relaxed comfortable and attractive environment awaits patients in our contemporary office.  You will find a unique blend of spa decor and high end technology in our facility.

Today's technology with HD vision testing makes eye exams more comfortable and less confusing.  Gone are the old style vision testers with all of those knobs; everything is done on the computer.

The Optomap retinal scanner makes dilation unnecessary for most eye exams, allowing you to return to normal activites right after your exam.

Treatment of eye diseases and vision disorders have been our specialty in Denton TX for over 25 years.  So if you are seeing spots, blurry vision, have an eye emergency, or are just wanting to browse around for a new pair of glasses, we invite you to our practice!

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Great Eye Care and Eyewear in one Location

Please call to schedule an appointment today. If you have a moment, please give us your feedback about our site and your experiences with our Practice.



  • Nov 13, 2015 - November is American Diabetes Month
    Did you know that 45% of all patients with diabetes will have some form of diabetic eye disease? Not only can this lead to severe vision loss, but it can also indicate changes in the blood vessels throughout the body as well. Remember to keep proper blood sugar levels, take your medications as directed, eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight, keep blood pressure under control, don't smoke, and if you aren't already doing so, please come see us for your retina health examination!!

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  • Jul 29, 2015 - Your child may have passed a vision screening, but....
    Don’t rely on vision screenings alone to evaluate children’s eyes and vision. A child can pass a screening and still have vision problems that interfere with learning. Children often do not know they aren't seeing "normally" since they don't have anything else to compare to. During a comprehensive eye examination at our office, we test eye coordination, alignment, ability to focus, and eye health.  These issues are easily overlooked during a vision screening, which leaves some children having issues with depth perception, eyestrain from reading or looking up close for long periods of time, and retinal issues.  Children and adults alike are all are using more devices - and we want to make sure everyone's eyes are working well as a team so you can be comfortable learning, working, and simply enjoying all your gadgets!   

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  • Dec 11, 2014 - Be careful when ordering glasses online
    Make sure to do some homework before deciding to order glasses online.  Cathy and Michele, our amazing opticians, are trained to properly take your glasses measurements, discuss various options to fit your budget and visual needs, and ensure that the glasses you end up with are correctly made and adjusted to your face.  For a more detailed look at what the American Optometic Association reasearched about purchasing glasses online, check out 

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